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The Intolerance Project -- a collection of thoughts and essays commenting on the idea that intolerance of intolerance is a worthy goal, and related issues


I am saddened.

Instead of chosing to learn more about the Koran, and Islam,and all its variants,
you have fabricated a web of innuendo and distortions.  Such a waste of

Perhaps, if you redirected your energy, you would discover that
the overwhelming number of Moslems in the U.S. and around the world would
take you in and give you shelter, aid and comfort, as their
religion teaches.  You would discover that
Christians, Moslems, Buddists, Jews, Hindus, Animists and aethiests
share exactly one trait: within each, there is a tiny minority which
cloaks itself in darkness-- inevitably and sadly rooted in misunderstanding
and fear.

Do you speak out against prejudice and intolerance?  No.

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> Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 1:37 AM
> Subject: (no subject)
> ****   THE  GREAT   SILENCE   ****
> While we have heard the Followers of Islam around the world and here
> in the United States reject "Terrorism" and disapprove of
> "Terrorist",,,,,
> yet ,,,,,,also,,,,,
> I have noticed  a magnitude of silence ,,,,,,,,,, DO YOU?
> Is the silence of Islamic People here in the US,  that HAVE NOT
> CONDEMNED or > DENOUNCED the scriptures in the Koran's TEACHINGS THAT promote
> and instruct > its followers in ( violent acts and killings  ) upon people that do not
> accept  "ALLAH & the Koran" ,,, which thereby PROVIDE us with compelling
> evidence and reveal that theseIslamic people in the US  APPROVE of the
> attacks on the United States and its people and they support the Korans
> teachings on "destroying the infidels and the great satan or anyone" that
> does not believe in Allah, Islam, Mohammed and the Koran !
> If an Islamic person will NOT denounce these Violent teachings
> while living
> in the US ,,, then what alligence can we expect from these people
> if it would
> require them to FIGHT a US battle .
> Are they with the US people OR is there Silence a secret revelation of a
> internal alligence to Islam's>  violent and dangerous teachings and Osama Bin Laden?
> > Is this something to be scared of ?
> > To be a follower of Islam and Mohammed ,,,, YOU must follow with great
> respect and seriousness the COMPLETE context of the Koran OR it
> teaches that
> you are to be executed !
> What do the Islamic people here in the US believe and accept about the
> "Koran" and how can I know where there alligence stands as my US
> neighbor and
> citizen?
> If they remain SILENT then how should I perceive their intentions
> or actions
> ,  "Friend" OR "Enemy" ?
> How Can I Trust a Person That  May Be Waiting For The DAY to SLay
> Me and My
> Family and Disrespects
> The Lord Jesus and Christianity's Teachings and Will Not Repent !
> wiseone production2001
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